Monday, October 16, 2017

Classroom Update!

Come see what we are up to lately in my classroom! We've been working hard on our punch lists and truly learning how to own our learning.

Here are just a few things that we've been doing daily that keep us all engaged, on task, showing leadership, achieving goals, and much more!

Below you will see an example of what we do for "Scottie Scoot" and what we work on in math.

Scottie Scoot is 30 minutes of intervention time. For the kids who are not being pulled for groups, they are able to scan the QR code provided and choose from the list of activities. When they are done, they fill out a super quick Google Form that is a follow-up from what they chose.

Next is an example of what we do every single day in Math (and Science): PUNCH LISTS! I had a lot of people ask me about them from my last classroom post, so here ya go! These pictures are snip-its from their Google Classroom portion. They have a paper copy of a check list that goes along with the slides (I posted it below the Google Slides). Each slide has an activity that goes with what they are learning. Videos are usually me giving mini lessons that they follow along with, and each video has problems at the end that the students have to solve. I also have a fun multiplication scavenger hunt with QR codes at the end of this certain punch list which isn't shown. I will have to post the kids in action and post it on my Twitter account!

How do I grade the punch lists? Here's the paper copy that the students receive! It's front/back and super easy to grade! They simply fill in their goal, what they will be learning about, follow the check list with the Google Slides, and answer the back! My job is to fill in the grades and provide feedback.

Here's how I manage it. Depending on what they are learning about, the amount of time for each punch list varies. This specific one will only take a week. To prevent a line forming at my desk for grading, I have a "Punch List Wait List." The students write their name on the board and I will call their name when ready. While they wait, they continue working. Also, to make sure they get their assignments done in time, I set a goal for how many assignments they should try to get done each day. If they meet the goal, they earn what is written in the top right of the board for the last 15 minutes of class (I have a different theme for each day of the week). 

As always, thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to share more with you soon! :) 


P.S. Punch lists really do work. Cassi Noack and I started doing them last year and they were a success! Yes it takes prep, a lot of trust, but I can't even imagine teaching how I used to anymore!


  1. You are such an amazing teacher!!!!! Your kids are beyond lucky to have you!!!!

  2. How did you introduce punch lists? How did you scaffold it to them being self sufficient?

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