Thursday, September 28, 2017

Welcome to Mrs. Jones' Class!

Good morning & WELCOME to my classroom!

I currently teach 4th grade math and science... and LOVE it! I don't even know where to begin to tell you why I love it so much. Obviously, we get in ruts at times because we work, A LOT, but I can't tell you how thankful I am for the staff and students I get to see every single day. Being surrounded by people who are driven, motivated, and always willing to try new things truly makes going to work a whole lot better (& it helps when you have a super motivated husband who also teaches).

Nothing says welcome like a message on your door! This is just a decal made from my Cricut.

Fall, as you already might know, is my favorite season! Shirt: FNB

This board is amazing. No projector needed and it's touch screen! AND... more than one person can write on it at the same time.

Scottie Scoot is our time for intervention. While some are in small groups, others get to use the board as a choice board. They choose two during the 30 minute intervention time and initial when done! They love it (and so do I!).

He is a superstar! Always working hard! We love math. Especially when we have cute stuff from Cassi Noack!

One is working on their math punch list while the other is working on science. They LOVE Scottie Scoot because they tell me it's their way of catching up or getting ahead on work.

 This student is practicing his decimals and fractions using Boom Cards!

But for real, we are obsessed with Boom Cards!

Quick check and a mini lesson before students work on their punch list. Writing on the desks with dry erase markers is a quick, easy, and paperless way for students to show work!

These two are working on their math punch list (that pencil behind the ear though... ha! Gotta love him 😍). We have a checklist of work for the students to complete that consists of different tasks such as videos, quizzes, interactive assignments, and games. It is a Google Slide presentation with the assignments, and they have a paper to go with it to be checked/graded along the way. It is GREAT! The students truly own their learning in Math and Science (we also do a science punch list)! 

 These sweet girls are learning partners working on place value. They were looking up their favorite football players' salaries and listed them in order from greatest to least.

Where the students use what they need when needed. They for real keep it organized! Check that out! 

 This is where students keep their Science journals, Math notebooks, and Math books. I have an AM and PM class, so this is a way they store their belongings without having to share it all in a desk.

 This is one of the many spots kids like to work. Also, the red folders are where they keep their punch lists and any incomplete work.

Here's another spot to work! It's also where I like to hang art, doodles, and sweet notes from the kids!

 Desks and chairs! Right now we have our desks in groups of four.

The hanging folders are where the students turn in their homework on Friday mornings. 

 Growth Mindset posters + Math = LOVE.

I don't know who likes these erasers more, the students or me?! I swear I collect them! Haha! 

The best pencils along with my trusty-old laminating machine. I only use it for small things. The work room has the big one, thankfully.

Had to show you this cute bag that was recently on my IG

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a great day! Bag: All for Color

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