Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4th Grade Math STAAR Prep Meets Science!

Hello to my favorite teacher readers!

If you're a Math/Science Texas teacher, then you know EXACTLY how I am feeling right now...

How can I get grades in for Science when the Math STAAR Test is right around the corner?!

Obviously, our main focus right now is math... but why not spice it up with some science?!

Thankfully, I have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most creative friends I know, Cassi Noack! Honestly, I was explaining to her (as best as I could without it sounding like word vomit) how it would be cool to make some of our math practice problems science related. Not only did she create what I mentioned, but she went above and beyond!

These two assignments are more than what I envisioned! They are cute, full of math practice, pertain to our science TEKS, and so much fun! The cool part? No paper required! Such an easy Google Classroom assignment to assign and grade in no time! For both assignments, I had my students working with their learning partners (based on their data from the practice STAAR test) on a Chromebook.

The first assignment is all about subtraction with regrouping, ordering whole numbers, and life cycles of a frog and butterfly. You can find the assignment here!

The second assignment covers decimals (representing and converting them from fractions, models, and money), ordering decimals, and food chains. You can find this assignment here!

Below are some pictures of my students in action! The things they come up with in addition to solving the problems amaze me. I’m truly going to miss this group of kiddos, but I know they are bound to do incredible things in their future!

I hope you have found this post useful for you and/or someone you might know who teaches math and science in elementary school. Cassi has so many amazing things on TPT and they are well worth the purchase! I'm beyond fortunate to work with Cassi, not only as a teammate, but as a true friend! I can definitely tell you that her heart is in her work and she's making such a difference in our students' learning and lives!

Hope you all have a great week! Get ready for a recipe post next. :)

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  1. Ah Callie!!!! I'm beyond lucky to be your teamie!!!!!!! Thanks for being my inspiration for these activities!!!!! #blessed #gladtobeplaid

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