Monday, January 2, 2017

My Essential Picks to Kicking Off a Healthy New Year!


First of (hopefully) many posts of 2017!

Here are my favorite items to help kick off your healthy new year:

1. A good water bottle - I prefer Swell because it keeps my water cold longer. Yes, kind of pricey, but honestly any water bottle is good to have handy. I like having my Swell bottle on hand at all times so I can refill it. :) 

2. Protein bars - these are perfect for the times that you are on the go. I tend to get hangry, so a bar tends to satisfy me until I am able to prep and eat, or if I'm in the car on the go. My favorite ones are Quest and One. They can be find at most grocery stores and/or Smoothie Kings.

3. Meal prep containers - these make meal prepping SO much easier, and they help save space in the fridge (and cabinets). No more hassle of lids and plastic containers.

4. Running socks - who doesn't like comfy socks?! My favorite - Nike. 

5. Vitamins - Olly has an excellent source of vitamins (and they taste good!).

6. Sports Bras - I'm the type of person who can never have too many sports bras. My favorites: Nike and Lululemon (best quality and fit me great, personally).

7. Watch - it doesn't have to be an Apple Watch, but I love mine! Any watch or Fitbit that calculates your progress is so motivating in my opinion.

8. Headbands -  I like headbands because they keep my hair out of my face. I personally like Lululemon headbands since I have long, thick hair.

9. Wipes - always good to have wipes on me for after workouts. They're cooling, refreshing, and make me feel less disgusting until I can go home and shower.

10. Pinterest - I don't know what I would do without mine. I have SO many recipes, motivational pins, and more that I love to keep me motivated!

*Let me mention, I have expensive taste buuuuut I'm all about the sales. Lululemon and Nike sales are where I shop... Also, Amazon and Poshmark!

I would love to hear what your healthy goals are for this 2017! 

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