Monday, January 30, 2017

Middle School Then VS. Now.

Okay, so this is kind of a rant but at the same time I just want to express myself as if I'm writing in a journal... 

Alright, so tonight I went to go cheer on my husband's 7th grade basketball team for their last game. As I was sitting there in the bleachers, there was a group of middle school kids talking behind me. They were pretty loud, obnoxious, and awkward... normal for that age, right? There was one thing that really caught me off guard though. A cute little girl had the worst mouth. Every other word was a cuss word and she acted like it was okay. She was saying some really disgusting things about her and her 'boyfriend' to her friends, and I was mortified. Soon enough, a parent turned around and said something along the lines as to "please watch your mouth"... her response? An eye roll and a rude "okay." A friend of hers said she just disrespected an adult and I agreed, but the girl could care less... she went on and said, "let's go continue this conversation outside," so they did. 

I was shocked. It had me boiling the rest of the game, but I had to brush it off... 

On my way home, I started thinking (which is something I am constantly doing when I am in the car alone). Why are middle school kids like that?! I remember so many of them being that same way when I was in middle school, so not too much has changed... except it probably has gotten a little worse due to social media (unfortunately)... Me in middle school? Oh, I was the awkward bassoon player, didn't make the 7th grade cheerleading team, math loving, "prude" and "goody-good." I was constantly called the last two names, but did I care? Yeah, probably at the time but it didn't change me for some reason. 

Okay, so as I'm thinking about these things, I'm thinking... heck! Let's play some of my old favorite songs from middle school. I found an album I was obsessed with in middle school AND high school, and started belting it out... but then the belting turned into tears. Like, horrendous sobbing. Not because I was reminiscing or missing "those days".... but I realized that my favorite album was actually made by a Christian band. I knew every word to every song, but didn't even know what I was singing about back in "those days." I definitely knew there was a God, but I had no relationship with Him whatsoever. I couldn't tell you anything about Him except that Christmas was the celebration of Jesus' birth. It wasn't until my second year of college that I accepted the Lord into my life.

So what's the point of this? Like I said, this is more of a journal entry, but it's insane to think about this: God's timing and why He does certain things... and you don't realize them until later on... and when you do, it's amazing. 

It's incredible to know that back then I was worshiping Him and I didn't even know it. The songs were full of praise and prayer, and believe it or not, I was doing those things at the time and HAD NO IDEA. That music (and of course my awesome parents) kept me out of trouble and onto the path towards Him. 

So knowing that, I'm looking back at earlier tonight and I all I can do is pray for that young girl. I know nothing about her, but I care so much about her! I pray God speaks to her and that she will soon realize His love is greater than everything she is going through right now. 

I just thought I'd share.

Okay, long post over. Have a good night!

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Monday, January 2, 2017

My Essential Picks to Kicking Off a Healthy New Year!


First of (hopefully) many posts of 2017!

Here are my favorite items to help kick off your healthy new year:

1. A good water bottle - I prefer Swell because it keeps my water cold longer. Yes, kind of pricey, but honestly any water bottle is good to have handy. I like having my Swell bottle on hand at all times so I can refill it. :) 

2. Protein bars - these are perfect for the times that you are on the go. I tend to get hangry, so a bar tends to satisfy me until I am able to prep and eat, or if I'm in the car on the go. My favorite ones are Quest and One. They can be find at most grocery stores and/or Smoothie Kings.

3. Meal prep containers - these make meal prepping SO much easier, and they help save space in the fridge (and cabinets). No more hassle of lids and plastic containers.

4. Running socks - who doesn't like comfy socks?! My favorite - Nike. 

5. Vitamins - Olly has an excellent source of vitamins (and they taste good!).

6. Sports Bras - I'm the type of person who can never have too many sports bras. My favorites: Nike and Lululemon (best quality and fit me great, personally).

7. Watch - it doesn't have to be an Apple Watch, but I love mine! Any watch or Fitbit that calculates your progress is so motivating in my opinion.

8. Headbands -  I like headbands because they keep my hair out of my face. I personally like Lululemon headbands since I have long, thick hair.

9. Wipes - always good to have wipes on me for after workouts. They're cooling, refreshing, and make me feel less disgusting until I can go home and shower.

10. Pinterest - I don't know what I would do without mine. I have SO many recipes, motivational pins, and more that I love to keep me motivated!

*Let me mention, I have expensive taste buuuuut I'm all about the sales. Lululemon and Nike sales are where I shop... Also, Amazon and Poshmark!

I would love to hear what your healthy goals are for this 2017! 

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