Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wheatgrass Shots

Okay, have you ever tried the acquired taste of a wheatgrass shot?

It's not the most satisfying thing, but...

Why should you take one? 

Supposedly, one wheatgrass shot is equivalent to FOUR pounds of vegetables!

Umm, I won't pass that up! And besides, the taste only lasts a second!

What you need:
-a couple of handfuls of wheatgrass (sold at a local grocery store)
-1 cup of coconut water
-ice cube tray
-flour towel
-bowl or measuring cup (something easy for you to pour from)

Here are the steps:

Blend the wheatgrass and coconut water in a blender.

As it sits and the foam goes down, have your towel and measuring cup ready.

Pour the juice into the towel over the measuring cup.

Squeeze out all of the remaining liquid from the towel.

Pour the wheatgrass liquid into an icecube tray and freeze!

Lastly, pop an ice cube or two in a shot glass or cup in the morning as you are getting ready, then enjoy when you head out the door! I've been doing one icecube for now with some water added. 

Hope you enjoy the benefits!


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