Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conscious Box

Ready for something amazing to show up on your doorstep every month? Then you definitely need to give Conscious Box a try! 

I am beyond pleased with this product!

What is it? It's a box full of healthy sample goodies that is delivered to you once a month.

Below are some pictures of my box that I received this month. Let me tell you, the stuff is almost gone… and I cannot wait to continue to use a lot of these products. 

Here are my faves:
-the vitamins. All of them. I'm in love.
-the Lyft energy sticks… umm… so cool and so good!
-the cream soda! So good! I hardly ever drink soda, so that was a nice (and healthier) treat! 
Here are the things I have yet to try:
-the teas and coffee
-the eye creams
-the lentil crackers
-the gluten free pasta
- the protein powder (can't wait to try it)

The box I get is the Gluten-Free box, but there are others to choose from.

Where do I sign up?

You can simply click here (and get $10 off when you subscribe!)

Hope you find this info useful and helpful! I highly recommend you trying this out. I personally don't think you would be let down. 

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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