Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday

Hey y'all! 

This week I'm featuring a boutique that is thankfully very close to where I live, Lulla Blue.

Not only are the clothes SO cute, but the service is amazing. The owner and employees are very personable and helpful to say the least!

I cannot get over these cute fall styles:

Featured: Kimono by Lulla Blue, Pants by J.Crew, Boots by Bandolino, 
Watch by Michael Kors

Featured: Dress/Tunic by Lulla Blue, Pants by J.Crew, Boots by Bandolino,
 Earrings by Kendra Scott, Watch by Michael Kors

Photos by HannahB.Productions

On my fall fashion wish list:

1. Booties!
2. More Kendra Scott accessories
3. Plaid flannel
4. Tassel bracelets/necklace
5. New Blazer
6. I'm sure 10,000 more things.

Oh! And before I forget. I started reading a book that I cannot seem to put down! It's called Eightysixed. If you are 20 something year old, Lauren Conrad book lover like me (yes, guilty), a Sex and the City watcher like many of my friends are, or even enjoy the 50 Shades books (I'm not afraid to admit that I'm too innocent for them from what I hear!), then I am sure you will enjoy this book! It's a best seller AND the author is a true inspiration!

<-- Here is the cover of her book! I promise you will love it!

And here is the beautiful author, Emily!  Be sure to check her out on Twitter and Instagram (@emilybelden)!            -->

Definitely a great read so far! I'm a sucker for love stories that are filled with things I can relate to, and even things I can't relate to! This book definitely keeps me engaged and on my toes! Thank you, Emily, for convincing a math loving, hardly-ever-reader like me to enjoy your pages! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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