Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Let's Go Grocery Shopping!

Okay. I don't know about ya'll, but going to the grocery store can be such a hassle sometimes. It's either packed, I go when I'm starving so I buy everything (and I let it go to waste), or I go when I'm full and don't even know what to get.

Well, if you have any of these problems, then I hope I am about to make it a lot easier for you!

I am going to break down a grocery list that I recommend for the best results. Of course, I don't get all of this stuff at the same time. I usually plan out what I want to eat for the week and go from there, but I am going to provide you with all of your basics that are the healthiest options. Remember, you do not have to get all of these, or you might even find healthy options to add to this list!

I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again... it's best to stay on the outside aisles of a grocery store! This is where you will find most of the non-processed foods. Also, I try and eat clean, so that is what I am basing most of my list off of.

I typically go to the grocery store once a week. Usually on Sundays...when everything is sold out or picked over. Go figure.

So whatever you buy, don't get too much. Get just enough to last you the week. Usually, the foods that I am listing only last about a week anyways because they are fresh.


Honestly, you can get any fresh fruit you want! Fruit makes great snacks, desserts, and part of your breakfast.

My favorites:
Bananas (I like to cut some in half and freeze them for smoothies!)
Lemons (for my water)
Avocado (this is actually a healthy fat, but try and stay within the daily serving size)


You can pretty much get any fresh vegetable you want too. I never limit myself on how many veggies and fruit I eat.

My favorites:
Fresh Green Beans (I have a yummy recipe under My Recipes)
Fresh Spinach or "Power Greens" (I use spinach in my smoothies, in wraps, on sandwiches, or in salads)
Bell Pepper
Zucchini (SO good grilled!)
Red Onions


Mint (for my water)
Basil (I love basil! I actually have it growing in a mason jar. I love making pesto)


Boneless Skinless Chicken (I like to get the thin sliced for the panko crusted chicken under My Recipes. I also grill it… well, Justin grills it. The good thing about chicken is that you can freeze it so it lasts longer)
Turkey (freshly sliced from the deli, not pre-packaged. We also eat turkey bacon or turkey sausage for breakfast)
Chicken Sausage (LOVE it! I like the jalepeno kind.)
You can definitely get red meat and fish, but I don't eat a lot of red meat or fish. (Justin buys salmon and loves it)
Peanut Butter (aim for the all natural kind)
Eggs (I recommend egg whites)
Black Beans


Brown Rice 
100% Whole Wheat/Grain Bread
100% Whole Wheat/Grain Tortillas or Pita Bread


2% or less milk (I like white and chocolate!)
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (love it in my smoothies)
Greek Yogurt (plain is the best for you, and you can do so much with plain! You can make a healthier ranch dressing option, sweeten it with honey and vanilla, and you can use it in replace of sour cream or mayo)
Cheese (I like cheese… a lot, but I don't buy too much of it)


Besides fruits and veggies:
Granola bars (homemade or I prefer KIND bars! Aim for granola bars that are natural)
I like whole wheat Goldfish
I like baked tortilla chips with salsa
Annie's Homegrown has a good selection of organic snacks


Bragg's Liquid Amino Acid (it's an awesome replacement for soy sauce)
Pink Salt
Crushed Red Peppers
Hot Sauce (I love Tobasco)
Salsa (aim for the fresh kind or homemade kind!)
Olive Oil

Okay, I know that this is just a list and not so much what I make with these items, but that's what my new posts, "What's in My Lunchbox?" are for! I will be posting what I make and include how I make it! I will also be posting more recipes once my new layout is set up. Keep a lookout for dinner, breakfast, sides, and snack recipes along with my lunch recipes! 

If you have any grocery item recommendations, please shout it out! I absolutely want to hear your comments and input!  

Have a great Wednesday! I've got some awesome giveaways coming your way! And some news about what I will be doing fitness wise during the school year….I'm REALLY excited! 



  1. I buy the steel cut oatmeal for breakfast which is gluten free and organic. I sweeten it with organic agave nectar and fresh fruit! I also use the nectar for my Greek yogurt!

  2. Amazing! So many people need something like this!