Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Do You Choose To Eat?

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There are a lot of different "diets" and fads out there that give you false information about how you should eat, and most of them end up backfiring in the long run. I want to talk to you about a few different life styles that I think are healthy and helpful. I must say though, I am no nutritionist or anything, but I have done a bit of research on these. These are the ones that I think are the most interesting and well known. Who knows, maybe you will try one of these out, enjoy it, and see results! 

Before I begin… We need to have some real talk. For all of you that think you can eat whatever you want and just workout... Think again, the way your body fluctuates mainly depends on what you are putting in your tummy. Food is very important for your body. Yes, of course working out is an added bonus because you do tone and lose weight, but to see AND feel the results you REALLY want, eating the right foods matters most. So don't just depend on working out to get you to your fitness goals. I promise you will see better results if you eat right AND workout in the mix! 

Okay now for the life styles that I find interesting and useful for the body:

Clean Eating:

Clean eating is a life style where you consume mostly clean, natural, and organic foods. A clean eater eats foods such as whole grains, whole wheat, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, baked foods not fried, fewer ingredients in processed foods, and focus on portion control. Clean eating takes some getting used to because it steers away from artificial sugars. This is personally the life style that I am trying to adapt to. 


Paleo is a life style where you do not eat processed foods, gluten/wheat, sugar, and dairy. The purpose of paleo is to eat everything that is not man-made/factory made. A typical paleo eater eats fish, meat, fruits, veggies, eggs. 

Portion Control:

This is essential to any life style change. The only way you will see true results is if you eat the right size portions (and less processed and fatty foods).  You can work out all you want and see results, but if you want to see lasting (and actually quicker for some) results, eat within your portion sizes. It's important to always read the back of a label. Check the serving size. If the serving size is 1, then go ahead and eat/drink the whole thing. But be careful, a lot of times the serving size might say 2 or something other than 1. Another thing to look at is Serving Per Container. Take a normal bag of whole wheat gold fish for example, the serving per container is 6. That means 6 people, not stick your hand inside and take 6 huge scoops and eat it (guilty). 

Just keep an eye on how much you are intaking within each meal. Studies show that 6 small meals throughout the day are better than 3 large meals. Having smaller meals throughout the day gets your metabolism going! Oh! And make sure you are consuming enough calories your body needs daily.

Weight Watchers:

This is a diet based on points. You can eat almost whatever you want but within your daily point range. I don't know too much about it, but I have seen some pretty awesome results from people I know… Don't just rely on the results from Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson… they are celebrities, who advertise the product, who get paid to do it, which means they also workout constantly, and are strictly on the plan. I do think this is a good plan for those that are learning to eat smaller portions and want to gain a healthier life style! I would definitely try it.

Here's the link:

Hope you find this info helpful! Of course, these are my own opinions based on information I have read. I always love hearing from you and your thoughts on everything! If you have more facts/info, please comment below or message me! Also, please invite your friends to like the Facebook page or follow the Instagram page! 

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P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting about some Apps that are helpful in achieving a healthy life style!


  1. Hey girl, I have the nike fuel band but I am thinking of switching to the one you have. Do you like it and do you wear it when you are not running, as in doing other forms of workouts and cardio?

    1. I love the watch! It's a little bulky, but it's awesome! It has a built in gps, so it's good when you aren't wearing nike+ shoes. As for other workouts with it, I had to get the heart rate monitor! That way I wear it when I lift weights or do yoga and it calculates my calories burned

  2. What's the heart rate monitor?
    You wear it and it connects to the watch?