Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin (Pie) Eater

Good morning everyone!

I said I wouldn't post until I got back from our vacay, but I couldn't hold back from this post.

First of all, here's a little update on our trip so far: we went to Florida yesterday (had a blast) and have been relaxing at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. We plan on going out on my cousin's boat today in Vancleave. 

While we were in Florida, we went to Stinky's Fish Camp and it's safe to say that it's one of my favorite restaurants. It's located off of 30A in Santa Rosa. One of my cousins, Brannon, is the chef there, and let me tell you, he hooked us up. We had a HUGE platter full of appetizers, delicious entrees, and a to-go platter full of cakes and pies. Okay, so it wasn't the healthiest foods of choice and I might be in a food coma for the rest of the trip, but that's okay! 

The point of my blog splurge today is just that. Don't feel guilty if you have a cheat meal. It won't kill you. This was a struggle of mine for a while and now I finally can say that I won't beat myself up over one enjoyable meal....and besides, it's vacation! 

A lot of people (I was guilty of this too) think that if you mess up on one meal, then you're done. No more healthy eating because you blew it. "Eh, I already ate crappy, so it doesn't matter." Not true! Another thing people do (I was also guilty of this one too) is get a cheat meal confused with a cheat day. "Oh, I will eat bad today and just start over tomorrow." Don't let yourself give into a cheat day. Lastly, people (aka me) tend to have a few cheat meals a week. That's a bad habit too. It's one habit that I actually am still trying to break. 

So it's okay to have a cheat meal, just don't let it turn into something you'll regret later! If you're trying to lose weight, then have a small cheat meal once a week, and then start to aim for having one just once a month! 

You can do it! Trust me. There are a lot of replacements for food you crave. Kind of like ice-cream, for instance. A good alternative would be blended frozen bananas with a little vanilla extract, or frozen Greek yogurt. Now, here's another problem people have: they think that if something's healthier, then they can eat it whenever they want without limits. Stick to serving sizes and limit the sweets, like ice-cream or froyo, to once a week.

Another good replacement idea for all of you bread and pasta lovers would be 100% whole wheat, brown rice pasta, or quinoa pasta. If you like tortillas, try switching to corn. Also, here's a little tip.. I try NOT to have these things after lunch! Any questions about that, ask me.  

There are a lot of great alternatives to foods you love! If you want more ideas, let me know by asking below. Another tip, the less processed, the better! You will get the best benefits from REAL food like fruits, veggies, lean meats, etc. If the food can stay "fresh" for longer than a week, then it's probably not the best choice.

And if you're ever feeling guilty about a meal, just know that it's not going to kill you. If you are eating well for 90% of the time, you will be just fine! If you are really concerned, then wait and go on a little walk or run. Burn those cals. Aaaannnnd of course continue to drink your water throughout the day!

Just these few little changes can make a big difference! 

That's my spill for the day! I made the comment box open to whoever now, not just gmail users. :) 

I also thought I would post some pics from a walk we went on this morning. We walked the Biloxi bridge which was about 3.5 miles down and back altogether. It was pretty neat!

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! 


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