Friday, October 5, 2018

Dermal Infusion with Artavi Medspa

Hey y’all!

It has been awhile since I last posted! Why? Well, I’m not going to lie... I’ve been trying to test out and see if I should continue to write on here or just stick to Instagram. I’ve come to the fact that I enjoy having my blog because I still look back at it for reference of things such as food and motivation!

Okay, so I think around the last time I posted was when I started using Primally Pure skincare. I plan to do a full post on them alone, but if you haven’t tried their products yet... you should. Their products have transformed my skin by getting rid of my acne which leads to this post:

DERMAL INFUSION! Since most of my acne is cleared, I’m left with scars. I feel as though I’m at that point where a professional needs to take over and help my skin look good as new. I had the opportunity to visit Artavi Medspa in the Heights for a dermal infusion treatment. When I walked in, I felt welcomed by the staff and the aesthetic. The place is beautiful and in such a cute location!

What is a dermal infusion?

Dr. Desai is extremely knowledgeable and informed me of what a dermal infusion is along with other treatments that would be good for my scarring. She educated me along with getting to know me and how my skin is. You can click here to read into detail about what a dermal infusion is.

Did it hurt?

Definitely not. It wasn’t a relaxing facial, but more of a “cat licking” feeling along with a suction type feeling. I didn’t mind it at all. Dr. Desai used the acne tip brush for me along with the pore clarifying serum.

The results?

Now, I know it won’t take just one session to see lasting results, so I will definitely be back! I did notice my skin feeling extremely soft after the session and for the rest of the day! One thing I also noticed is that when I went to wash my face before bed I had some acne/blackheads rise to the surface of my skin. I definitely think the treatment helped bring those to the top, but I want to keep an eye on them and make sure the serum that was infused didn’t cause breakouts. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I tend to react to things differently than most people.

Does this sound like something you would give a try? If so, you can find this service along with many other beneficial treatments here. Also, follow them on Instagram for tips, tricks, and photos!

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