Thursday, June 28, 2018

Shop My Closet!

Hi friends!'s safe to say I have too many clothes. I've decided to share what I'm getting rid of with you guys first before I sell on Poshmark, bring to a resale shop, etc. 
(Also, I am only selling the clothes that have been lightly worn or never worn.)

Here's how it works...
Email me at with the following:
the item number you want and the email address you would like me to send the invoice to! 

#1 Purple Maxi Skirt (only worn for a shoot) - Size S - $10

 #2 Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts - Size 6 (Size 28) - $10

 #3 Abercrombie & Fitch Shorts - Size 6 (Size 28) - $10

 #4 J.Crew Shorts - Size 4 - $8

#5 J.Crew Black Shorts - Size 4 - $8

#6 Aztec Shorts - Size S - $6

#7 Colorful Shorts - Size S - $6

#8 Target Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Dress - Size S - $16

#9 Mauve Dress (with tags) - Size S - $10

#10 Silky Romper (with tags) - Size M - $10

#11 Romper (with tags) - Size S - $10

#12 Cheetah Dress - Size S - $15

#13 Target Flannel Dress - Size S - $10

#14 Colorful Dress - Size S (fits like an XS on me) - $12

#15 - Block Dress (Necklace is attached, but can be detached) - Size S - $8

#16 Royal Blue Jumpsuit - Size S - $16

#17 Black and Gold Sequence Dress - Size S - $8

#18 Gianni Bini Romper (w/tags) - Size S - $20

#19 Striped Maxi Dress - Size S - $10

#20 Nordstrom Maxi Dress - Size S - $10

#21 Blush and Gold Dress - Size S - $10

I will definitely be posting more, so feel free to refresh this link every now and then! 

Hope you all have a great day! 

XOXO, Callie

Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy is the Only PLAN!

I've decided... these might be my favorite photos so far.

This post consists of not only a cute outfit, but also a cute planner AND photos by an AMAZING photographer!

Let's starts with the look... You can find most of this look at Nordstrom and the backpack is from Target (you can find it all linked at the end of this post!). This denim skirt is so versatile and hits at the perfect length! The top is a crop which isn't typically my go-to, but it's got a little girly-shy flair that I can't get enough of! Shoutout to my sis, for surprising me with this cute outfit!

Okay, the planner. UMMM... Jadelynn Brooke has done it again with the cuteness overload! Y'all, not only is this planner title totally speaking to me, but when I opened it I squealed! Each month is decorated according to the season, there are cute motivational quotes, and there are stickers! I can't wait to start using it in August when the planner begins!

Lastly, how adorable and great are these pictures?! If you are in the Houston area and need a photographer who not only is affordable, but is also genuinely easy to work with, then you need to contact Priscilla Bearden! You can find her Instagram here.

 photo 3908c23b-12ac-47ca-8a27-6fa72d050d37_zps3fd46f7b.png