Monday, July 28, 2014

There's Such Thing as Pink Salt?

Just like a mermaid loves salt, I definitely love salt too!
It's actually one of my guilty pleasures! BUT over the past couple of months, I have found a guilt free way of consuming it!

How so?

Ta da! I swap the white salt for pink salt!

Wait. There's such thing as pink salt?

Yep! And it can actually do amazing things for your body unlike the typical table salt.

Most people think of salt as sodium chloride, or a white table salt that we love in and on our food, but it truly is "a highly refined, processed white substance" that lacks nutrients.

So....what is pink salt? Umm….salt! REAL salt to be exact!

Pink salt is unprocessed "raw" salt. It is hand-mined from salt caves that were formed around 250 million years ago in the Himalayan mountain range. According to historians, it was even worth more than its weight in gold thousands of years ago during ancient time!

Why do I choose pink?
Well, besides the fact that regular salt lacks nutrients and it's highly processed, pink salt offers so many benefits!

Here are the benefits:
1. It contains 84 minerals your body wants and needs! - It is known to be the "cleanest, purest, and most 'mineral dense' version available on our planet." These amazing minerals are directly injected into your bloodstream which your body will love!

2. It is a great detox! - Of course water is the most detoxifying substance for your body, but supposedly salt is the "vehicle" that lets you "transfer toxins from healthy cells to the bloodstream, then pushes them out of your systems." Pink salt is known to be much more efficient in doing so.

3. It lowers blood pressure! Pink salt can help lower your blood pressure and stimulate better circulation. Since pink salt is absorbed in your bloodstream more efficiently and effectively, small doses are known to help "modulate your pressure and stimulate better all-around circulation."

4. It helps relax muscles! - If you feel "a bit foggy or fatigued, the odds are stacked against you that you are dealing with a loss of electrolytes and salt in your body." Since pink salt goes into your bloodstream more efficiently, it allows you to restore/replenish your body in a hurry.

5. It can help clear sinuses! - When you mix pink salt with hot water (let the salt dissolve), it can help clear up sinuses and repair your respiratory conditions you've been having issues with...including asthma!

6. It can help you sleep better! - Pink salt relaxes your mind and muscles, helping you sleep better. It gives you everything your body needs to restore/replenish overnight.

It is also proven to balance out your acidity and alkaline levels, and can heal your arteries.


How much should I consume? I have been searching for the right consumption of this kind of salt, but I am having no luck. My guess is obviously not to consume it like water, but also realize that it is a natural, mineral-enriched supplement. It is still sodium, so I would say not going over the sodium intake of 1500-2300 mg.
Where can I find pink salt?
You can find it at most grocery stores. Below I am holding a picture of the one that I use. I like to get mine from Trader Joe's, it's good, cheap, and it comes in a grinder. 

Here are some fun pictures that Hannah took of me with my pink salt and my super cute "Mermaid Life" shirt! I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Confetti Cake Collection. She sells adorable tees for any occasion! They are super soft and comfortable, and of course simply cute! Her website is, I will also post the link to her shirts on the side of my blog under my "Links and Stuff." 

I hope you find this information helpful and useful! I hope you all have a wonderful week! :) I cannot wait to share my upcoming posts with you. As always, I am here to help and support you. Don't be afraid to ask me questions or share any information with me! I look forward to hearing from you!