Monday, July 7, 2014

I don't get Mad, I get Hangry.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you're ready for a Monday rant! 

One thing you need to know about me is this: when I'm hungry. I am hungry. And if I don't get food within the next 5 minutes of that time, I will get angry. HANGRY!

Okay. I just want to let everyone know right now that I am nowhere near perfect. 

I eat just like you do. Yes, I am a little bit picky (okay I'm very picky), but that doesn't mean I count my calories and watch every single piece of food that goes into my mouth.

I'm human. I, too, struggle with eating healthy.

I have a bad problem of eating....constantly. And when I don't eat at a certain time, I get really grumpy. Hopefully that will change a bit once I start consuming better food, but it seems to be doing the opposite. My metabolism has been increasing, and so has my food wantings.

So don't be fooled, I eat whatever I want. But that's the thing, what I WANT. Yes I used to want junk, but now that I know the effects it has on my body, I limit it. Limit! Not cut it out completely! 

I'm really working on eating healthier and cleaner, so it's still a work in progress! I'm still learning about the foods that will benefit me best, but that doesn't mean I won't have an occasional ice-cream or Chickfila meal. I just know that I will consume it in the correct portion size and eat it OCCASIONALLY!

So I really just wanted to write to you about how I struggle with food! I love to eat. I crave. I want. And I definitely have to have the food right when I want it! Because if I hold off or skip a snack or meal, I end up regretting it. 

Regretting it as in, I will over eat. Or eat something that is not good for me. Or even worse, upsetting my stomach. 

So it's okay to always be hungry like me, it means that metabolism of yours is working. So if your body is in that "hangry" stage, eat! But try and eat something better for you. Something that won't beat yourself up over it or make you crave something else in 10 minutes. Eat protein! Or some fruits and veggies as a snack! And remember, if you are still hungry right after a meal or 30 minutes after a snack, then most likely you are thirsty...drink water! If you are still hungry after that, then try and eat a piece of fruit or veggie...chances are if you don't want the fruit or veggie, your mind is just telling you that you're hungry! But also, this doesn't mean skip a meal! BAD! Don't do that. It will hurt you in the long run by slowing down your metabolism and make you more hungry later...which leads to binge eating and/or weight gain.

One more thing I want to mention... Don't judge what others do or eat.

If somebody eats a burger, let them eat the burger. If somebody eats a salad, don't make them feel bad about eating a salad. Words hurt. It's what's wrong with a lot of us girls and when it comes to food, it's even worse... That's how we get a bad self image. It really is up to you when it comes to what you eat and what you want to eat. It's also your choice to eat healthy or not. Most of the time, people who judge others' food choices struggle with their own. 

Oh and don't beat yourself up over a meal. If you eat something bad, it's not the end of the world! Just don't make it a constant daily habit, and besides… your body can easily burn off those calories by working out (I personally prefer going on walks! They clear my mind) and by drinking lots of water (remember, it flushes your system!).

So with all of that being said, I am choosing to eat cleaner, but I will still be enjoying my Crave cupcake every now and then. :)

I hope you found this mess of a post helpful in some way! Whatever goals you are aiming for, know that you are capable of reaching them! The only person holding you back is yourself. Don't let anyone cut you down, and don't be someone to cut others down about what they eat or do. Encourage and motivate one another! 


P.S. Here's my goal challenge from yesterday!


  1. My sweet Callie - yet another inspiring piece. Love Mom.

  2. Thanks for making me feel better about struggling with food! Your posts are fun and inspiring. I really identified with this one because I too get hangry lol

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